Initiative "Huvitav Kool" (interesting school) by the Ministry of Education and Research aims at reflecting to society´s expectations of school and education in order to make the learning experience interesting to students, teachers, parents as well as for educational benefactors and friends of education.

The initiative sends a clear joint message by the state and the public that going to school can and must be interesting, that developing a student’s natural curiosity is important, that school must be creative.

The initiative covers four important, expansive and inextricably connected fields in general education:
  • community involvement;
  • professional teachers;
  • optimal curricula;
  • supportive external evaluation processes. 
In order to gain better insight into society’s expectations a 12-member Council of the initiative was established. The Council makes proposals for making school more interesting and assesses the progress made in meeting the society´s expectations. The Council’s role is to be a critical and a public partner in making school more interesting.

Besides the Council, the initiative also welcomes input from other parties interested in furthering the cause of education through the use of think tanks and open discussions. Nationwide events and regional meetings have beed organised where the representatives of teachers, headmasters, parents, students and specialists from various fields discuss the initiative´s aims in their own context.
A working group of the initiative also operates in the Ministry of Education and Research, gathering proposals on making the school more interesting, overseeing the implementation of the proposals and informing the public on progress made as well as encouraging public debate on the subject. Legislative reforms necessary for the initivative´s success will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020.

Making schools more interesting is an opportunity and responsibility of every student, teacher, headmaster, school owner, parent and educational benefactor.


What makes school interesting?

An interesting school is a learning organisation that recognises different sources of motivation and by combining them creates motivation for learning, willingness and skills for lifelong learning.

An interesting school is characterised by openness and a learning process that encourages creativity and intellectual effort by offering a wide range of options and choices.

During the course of the initiative, many teachers, heads of school, students, parents and educational benefactors have put forth their visions of an interesting school as they see it.

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